Popularity of beads

Charming beads bracelets have been existed in this world for centuries and at first it had some significant meaning wearing beaded bracelet for the symbol of right and noble status. As for beads, the popularity of charming beads have set up many famous brands which is famous all over the world. We know that the fashion trend for everything such as costume, handbags and others will come and go easily and quickly, but for jewelry charming beads, they have been popular for such a long time and changeable as time flies. But charming beads have been always in the fashion trend of fashion field, and do you know why the beads are so popular among public?

There are many reasons for explaining this problem, one of the most important one is that the beads can express well of themselves, they can influence their mood when you are in sad mood for you to express yourself. As for beads making, you can mix and match different kinds of colors of beads or even match for your clothes.

The popularity of charming beads will never fade out of the fashion field, they are flexible, changeable and suitable for all of you!


Beading Supplies & Seed Beads

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Although we do sell various attractive and hip Australian beads which are made by hand from local merchant, generally we import our beads.

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The Bead Studio’s primary assignment would be to expand the delight of beads jewellery creation. We are here to inspire our clientele to construct there own varieties of fashionable look that they find in great magazines or some fashion shows. We desire to realize this by offering a variety of beautiful beads, decorations and jewelry making remedies at acceptable prices.

We’re always open to broadcast our information and facts by offering lessons, information sheets and jewelry making guidelines and directions. The Bead Studio came into being during a blending of tenderness for jewelry and an aggravation of finding fashionable and fashionable beads at acceptable price. We’ve discovered one fact there are several on-line bead stores, however they don’t offer their clients online buying experience in which clients feel most comfortable today, because clients desire to order sitting on their office or home and obtain the on time delivery. We’re open for online shopping experience for our every client through a safe trade.

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Plastic beads

Beading is a kind of activity full of funny and interesting, almost everyone like beads, especially for kids for colorful beads, plastic beads is one of the most popular beads among the kids. Besides used for beading, the plastic beads also can be used for many kinds of beading art and handicraft.

Plastic beading decoration

You can always find that the beads on the general costume are decorated by all colors of plastic beads, they are always flat on one side and facet on the other side, they are usually sticked to your costume, bags or shoes to make your outfit be more shiny and fashionable.

And why so many people will choose plastic beads as their first choice of jewelry? For its various shapes, sizes and colors, you can get any type that is made from plastic beads, then for another important reason is that they are cheap enough that anyone can afford them as a decoration of jewelry.

Rare jewelry for jewelry lovers

Everyone has the right to pursue beautiful and nice things, so as for jewelry. A majority of people like to collect rare jewelry that is limited sold and with precious materials. To some degree, they collect these things in order to show their wealth, and at the same time, they really precious jewelry lovers. But how much do you know about the rare and precious jewelry?

Gemstone may be one of the rare kinds of jewelry materials, the really rare and precious gemstone is produced from nature and cut with wonderful facets, the color of rare also rarely can be seen from nature.

As for diamond is one of the precious gemstones, they are originally shining and bright, they are extremely full of luster after cut by human’s handcraft process.

The next rare material of jewelry from nature is jade, they are pure and gorgeous, with the most important reason is that jade can be good for your health. The really jade from nature can absorb the bad things from your body. All the rare and precious jewelry are a sort of jewelry that can be decorating your appearance, and at the same time, they are a symbol of wealth and your favor towards jewelry.

European jewelry

The same feature of all the European beads is that they have large holes in the middle and the thick string can be going through them easily. The Pandora beads in our shop are mainly combined with two parts, the outer is made from glass after special processes and dealt with beautiful images and curves on the surface of the beads; and in the inner hole side, there is silver core in it.

Why so many girls are so crazy with European jewelry? As we know that the girls in the modern society is becoming more and more fashion and wants to show themselves. Maybe the tiny and delicate silver jewelry are too low tone for them; and the shell or wood jewelry are not for their style, the European beads jewelry can be in am exaggeration way for fitting their punk style.

As for the heavy glass material of European beads, it may be one or two beads can be necessary for your jewelry. So the cost of European jewelry would be cheap and affordable.


The history of wood beads

Wood beads are originally from bone beads which is famous and popular in the early 1920’s of the Western Civilization in the western countries. It even becomes a tradition to wear wood jewelry at that time.

Wood jewelry is full of nature and makes the wearers be more fresh and nature. In the old days, the tribe like to wear the wood jewelry that made by themselves. At that time, wood jewelry is the most popular kinds of jewelry until the settlers brought glass, semi-precious gemstones to there.

In the early 20th century, some branded designers would like to use wood into their jewelry designs to reflect nature of the jewelry.

For so many years, wood jewelry has never went out of the fashion and jewelry stage, for there are so many advantages and strong points of it as a kind of jewelry material. If you like nature and beauty, wood jewelry would be your nice choice.


New trend of wood beads jewelry

Wood beads jewelry has become more and more popular no matter for jewelry makers or jewelry wearers, if you are allergic with the man-made material such as metal or synthetic materials, the nature wood material will never harm your health of skin. If you add some nature wood beads into your jewelry, it can make your craft jewelry be more nature and earthy.

It is better that you should leave the wood beads in a nature state, it can easily match to your costume, you home decoration and office room. If you are going to have a visit in jewelry market of wood beads, you can find various kinds of wood beads in different shapes, sizes and designs. For the color of wood beads, they can be stained into all the colors if you like, they can also made into funny and interesting necklace, bracelet chains or anklet chain. You can choose any type wood beads if you like of different styles and sizes.

Besides of your costume or body can be decorated made up with wood beads, your house decoration can also be decorated with wood beads such as your curtain. The colorful and beautiful wood beads will let your home be nicer and more beautiful. The wood beads curtain is easy to design and make, and at the same time, it is nature without any harmful to your house and your family. The wood beads curtain must be special and unique that is totally different from others.

Even though the wood beads are beautiful and useful, you can’t use it too frequently for the aim of protecting the environment.

Wood beads jewelry is full of charming and attractive of the nature, what are you waiting for? Purchasing some kind of wood beads, and create your own wood beads jewelry.

Beading Charms

Nowadays, man-made supplies are more and more attached to the consumers. Among them, the makers prefer to take their unparalleled ideas and harder work on the beading. Thus, the beading is guided to follow to go on a rapid development way. Its charms perform increasingly obviously so that its charms come to our eyes more, more, and more. What are they? Let me show you as follows:

A shopkeeper said that beading is much more “easy-going”. There are two sides. On one hand, it can be well with more “partners” (skins, clothing, and so on. So, maybe you can annoy less about how to fit your outlook well or properly; On the other hand, it means that beading is changeable, easily. For instance, if you have a beading wallet. But one day, you buy a new one, how to deal with your old wallet. The beading will tell you that it is able to serve you continually. It can be changed into a box of drawing out paper. And the work is just a piece of cake!

On the exhibition, why does the beading look so bright? The reason is that beading has a higher light level. And that when you watch it on different sides, different visual angle, it can be totally different. So marvelous!

By the way, do you know the most obvious difference among beading and other jewelries? It is the “law”. In the beading kingdom, the only law is “free”. As a result, the makers can follow their minds as well as souls—— their unique ideas to give birth to their beading babies. So, the beading kingdom is a garden with a mountain of kinds of flowers.

Hand made jewelry for you

In the ancient times, there is no huge machine operation on making jewelry, so all the jewelry are all made with people’s hands, even though the jewelry that is made in hands are in small production, but they are all in high quality and design. Every period of time, people will use different and unique ways of making hand-made jewelry or decoration which can make the jewelry be more pleasant and attractive. But as for nowadays, there are more and more jewelry are produced by machine in a large quantity, but it has become a trend to buy the hand made jewelry nowadays, they prefer to the nature things to the machine products. So the hand made jewelry has become a nice choice for people to send each other as a gift.

At the same time, you can see the taste and thinking of one person through the choosing of hand made jewelry for unique taste. If you like to make jewelry by your own hands, others will see your sincerely heart of your time and thinking in making hand made jewelry. In the past, it is regarded as a kind of fashion, delicate and wealth to create special jewelry by hands, as for today, making unique jewelry is also very modern and fashion.
In my point of view, hand made jewelry needn’t use the precious material, so even everyone can afford and easy to get it. Wearing the jewelry that is made by you own can give you a kind of special feeling, hand made jewelry has its unique charming to attract people’s attention for its casual way, pursuing of freedom. The style of hand made jewelry is endless, the imagination of people will never end. Besides of unique feeling of wearing of hand made jewelry, this kind of jewelry also has the value of storage, it may be made by the people you loved or the most important person in your life.
Hand made jewelry is your nice choice to show your taste and favor.

Plastic beads for craft projects

Plastic beads are the basic raw materials for many art projects and the plastic beads are in different sizes, shapes and colors. Many people learn how to use beads to make jewelry.There are many art books and magazines to teach how to create fun and stylish man-made necklaces and bracelets with wires, strings and other materials.You also find it full of fun to make the jewelry by yourself with the plastic beads.
Plastic beads comes in so many unique shapes, sizes, and colors that it can be overwhelming trying to choose specific beads for a project. If you are not sure what kind of beads you want to choose , why not choose your favourite ones.In this way ,you can design the jewelry according to your imagination and complete a specific jewelry project happily. These are quite an assistance for beginners who want to get an idea of what some common bead and color combinations are. From there, they can begin creating their own beads combinations easily and can be able to continue enjoying their creative handicrafts.

With low price ,the plastic beads are easy to get and widely used in the jewelry making ,also the plastic beads can be used in the design of sweater chains ,hair accessories and other decorations. The bright shining and transparent characteristics make the plastic beads more popular.
If you would like to use other kinds of beads, there are other materials beads apart from plastic beads.For example, glass beads is popular because they can be made in many colors and designs. Wooden beads are also nice for designing artistic jewelry in earth-tones; they look especially good. Getting to know a variety of different beads will allow you to know which style is your favorite and will give you lots of great experience.